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Managing Daily Life at Home, Work, and Play

Organize Your Daily Life

TBI survivors often need more cues and tools to help remember daily living tasks, including getting dressed, eating, and other routine daily needs. In addition there are still the appointments to arrange and make sure to remember, your friend's birthday, and other daily life tasks.

Important tools for anyone but especially TBI survivors are calendars, to do lists, having information readily available (and not lost somewhere!), a list of medications, ideas for movies to rent, shopping lists, a list of questions for the doctor, a list of things to remember to do, and so much more. Being able to keep track of that information requires good organization and routine. The planners and organizers below can help you do that.

Planners and Organizers (Paper-based)

  • Brain Book®
    Specifically created for people with brain injuries, the Brain Book® Life Management system is a daily life management system and also a compensatory skills training program.
  • DayRunner
    DayRunner offers a variety of organizers, planners, appointment books, calendars, address books, and wall organizers in a variety of organizational arrangements to suit your needs.
  • DayTimer
    Similar to DayRunner, DayTimer offers a wide range of organizers, planners, appointment books, calendars, and more. Customize to your own needs.
  • FranklinCovey
    FranklinCovey, well-known for their quality planning and organizing solutions, offers planning and organizing solutions for paper, computer, and handhelds. Fully customizable, top-ranked.
  • Spectra Planner
    A special planner developed especially for students and adults with ADD, brain injuries, or other learning/attentional problems. Utilizes visualization, logical patterning, built-in consistency, reinforcement, age-appropriate, and more.


Recommended Books
Time Management from the Inside Out: The Foolproof System for Taking Control of Your Schedule and Your Life, by Julie Morgenstern

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Planners and Organizers (Computer-based, PDA-based)

Planners and Organizers (Computer- and PDA-based, Paper-based)


Task Management, Notes-organizing Software

While many software programs are included with your PDA, there are more fully-featured programs available that integrate with your other Palm software and other helpful software that's especially useful for TBI survivors. Below are a few of my favorites.


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