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Managing Daily Life at Home, Work, and Play

Tips To Help Your Daily Life

Automating Tasks With Your Computer's Scheduled Task Wizard

You can automate many tasks with your computer's built-in Scheduled Task Wizard. With a few simple directions below, your PDA can synchronize every day automatically, your computer maintenance will be run automatically, and you can even download your mail automatically. The instructions below can be applied to scheduling any other task on your computer, too.

Automate Your PDA's Daily HotSync

Keeping your data synchronized every day and using Backup Buddy will eliminate data loss if your PDA freezes or gets lost, in addition to keeping your PC and PDA current.

Keep in mind that you can change your Scheduled Task settings at any time, and you can also temporarily disable or delete the scheduled task. So feel free to try a setting or two and then change it until you find what works best for you. I suggest scheduling a HotSync for at least once a day. Mine is scheduled for every 2 hours since I have a home office and continually update information in my programs throughout the day.

Windows Versions

Although the following instructions are for Windows 2000 Professional, your Windows PC computer is probably similar enough to still follow. If not, check your computer's Help instructions for Scheduled Tasks. Lycos also offers a variety of tutorials for a multitude of operating systems.,,9,00.html


Note: Clicking on the screenshots provided below will link to a larger version.

  1. My Computer icon screenshotFrom the Windows desktop, click My Computer, then Control Panel, then Scheduled Tasks, then Add Scheduled Task. The Add Scheduled Task Wizard window will open.
  2. Read and follow the instructions in the Add Scheduled Task Wizard window, clicking Next to continue.
  3. The next window instructions tell you to click the program you want Windows to run. Click HotSync Manager, then Next. (If HotSync Manager isn't listed, click the Browse button to locate it on your hard drive.)
  4. The next window asks for a name for your task. Keep the Hot Sync Manager name automatically shown or change it to whatever you'll remember best. Then choose the frequency of the task (“Perform this task:”) -- click the Daily radio button.
  5. The next window asks you to select the time and day you wish for your Scheduled Task to begin. Choose a convenient time, and then click the Every day radio button below the time and day. The date automatically reflects today's date. Change it if you prefer your new task to begin on a different day.
  6. The next window asks for your computer's logon username and password, with the current username filled in. Add your computer logon password if applicable and click Next.
  7. The next window confirms the information for your Scheduled Task -- the program, the time and frequency, and the start date. If you need to make any changes, click the Back button to change what's needed (you can always change it later, too, as explained below). Once your information is how you wish, click the checkbox “Open advanced properties for this task when I click Finish.” And then click Finish. The HotSync Advanced Properties window then opens.
  8. The Advanced Properties window provides more features to select if you wish, including repeating the task more than once a day, waking the computer to perform the task, and more.

    To ensure that your HotSync is performed regularly, I suggest keeping your PDA in its cradle as much as possible and waking the computer if needed to complete the scheduled HotSync. Here's how to do that:

    To wake the computer (if needed) to perform a HotSync:
    In the Advanced Properties window click the Settings tab. At the bottom of the Settings window under Power Management, click the checkbox for “Wake the computer to run this task.” Then click OK.

    To schedule a HotSync for more than once a day:
    In the Advanced Properties window click the Schedule tab, and then click the Advanced button. In the Advanced Schedule Options window, click the checkbox for “Repeat task.” Then click OK.
  9. You're finished automating your HotSync.

You can change your HotSync Scheduled Task settings at any time by returning to the Scheduled Tasks window and clicking on HotSync Manager (click My Computer, then Control Panel, then Scheduled Tasks, then HotSync Manager).

You can also disable the scheduled task by clicking HotSync Manager, then unchecking the checkbox at the bottom of the Advanced Properties screen for “Enabled (scheduled task runs at a specified time).”


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