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Learn about TBI
Online Articles, Downloadable Information
Sites Devoted to Brain Injury Information
TBI, Brain Research and Clinical Trials
TBI Terminology
Acquired Disorders from Brain Injuries
          ADD/ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder,
          Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder)
          Executive Brain Function Disorder
          Foreign Accent Syndrome
          Motor Speech Disorders
Commercial Products and Information
Recommended Books
Books About Head Trauma, Brain Injuries
Books to Help Improve Cognition, Memory
Discussion Lists
TBI Discussion Lists
Listings of TBI-Related Discussion Lists
International Organizations
New Zealand
United States
For Caregivers
Organizations for Caregivers
Websites, Articles, and Support for Caregivers
Relearning for Daily Life
Cognitive Retraining
Living with a Brain Injury
Living with ADD/ADHD
          Articles, Tips
          Sites Devoted to Living with ADD/ADHD
Memory Help
Time Management Skills
Managing Daily Life at Home, Work, and Play
About Assistive Technology
          About Assistive, Adaptive Technology
          Articles about Assistive Technology
          Link Resources
Keyboard, Mouse Alternatives
          Keyboard Alternatives
          Mouse Alternatives
Keyboard Shortcuts
          Intuit: Quicken, QuickBooks
          iSBiSTER: Time & Chaos
          Qualcomm: Eudora
Organize Daily Life
          Planners and Organizers (Paper-based)
          Planners and Organizers (Computer-based, PDA-based)
          Planners and Organizers (Computer- and PDA-based, Paper-based)
          Task Management, Notes-organizing Software
Organize Your Surroundings
          Home Organizing Tips
          Office Organizing Tips
          Sites Devoted to Organizing
          Helpful Organizing Products
          Sites Devoted to Organizing Products
PDAs and PDA Software
          PDA Guides and Reviews
          Palm-based Handhelds
          PDA Software
               PDA Utilities
               PDA Software Reminder Tools
               PDA Alarm Sounds
Reminders and Alarms for Daily Life
          Articles and Tips
          Message Boards
          PDA Software Reminder Tools
          PDA Alarm Sounds
          Software Reminder Tools
Speech Recognition/Voice Activated Software
          Reviews and Buyers' Guides
          Discussion Lists
          Articles and Tutorials
          Macros for Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional
          Sites, Sections of Sites Devoted to Speech Recognition
          Speech Technology Resources
Tips to Help Daily Life
               Automate Your PDA's Daily HotSync
               An Idea to Prevent Losing Your PDA
               An Idea to Prevent Data Loss
          Keyboard Shortcuts
               QuickBooks Pro Keyboard Shortcuts
               Time & Chaos Keyboard Shortcuts

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