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Managing Daily Life at Home, Work, and Play

Tips To Help Your Daily Life

Time & Chaos Keyboard Shortcuts

Time & Chaos, the terrific contact and time management tool, has quite a few keyboard shortcuts. I've listed a fair number of them below. Refer to the software's Help information (F1), their User's Guide, or visit their website's Knowledge Base for more information about this powerful, feature-packed program.

Credits: Warm thanks to Time & Chaos support for their helpful assistance and insight about their shortcuts during the preparation of this chart.

See anything amiss? Know of other helpful shortcuts? Please feel free to submit your comments!

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There is also a chart-only page.

F3Registration window
Alt + F, PPreferences window
Ctrl + PNew Phone Record window
Ctrl + TNew ToDo window
Ctrl + ANew Appointment window
Ctrl + TabSwitch between open windows (clockwise)
Ctrl + FFind telephone records
Ctrl + SSearch records (Appointments, Telephone, ToDo)
Ctrl + NNotes (Appointments, Telephone, ToDo)
MenuContext Menu* (Calendar, Appointments, Telephone, ToDo)
Alt + F, XClose Time & Chaos

*The Menu key is usually located between the right Windows and Ctrl keys.

F5Previous year
F6Previous month
F7Next month
F8Next year
Ctrl + GGo To Date (popup window)
Telephone Book
F9Change Sort Order (by Company or by Last Name)
Type any letter or combination of lettersTelephone Book will go to listings beginning with letters typed (available whether or not Telephone Book window is selected)
Alt + F, POpens drop-down menu to select and print
Alt + F, P, TPrint Preview window: Telephone Book
Alt + F, P, APrint Preview window: Address Book
Right Arrow
Left Arrow
Up Arrow
Down Arrow
Navigate days of month (Calendar); Navigate menus and context menus
Up Arrow
Down Arrow
Navigate items (Telephone, Appointments, ToDo)
Ctrl + PageUp
Ctrl + Up Arrow
First item in window (Telephone, Appointments, ToDo)
Ctrl + PageDown
Ctrl + Down Arrow
Last item in window (Telephone, Appointments, ToDo)
TabMove to next field (New Appointment, New Telephone, New ToDo)


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