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QuickBooks Pro 2002 Keyboard Shortcuts

QuickBooks Pro has many helpful shortcuts throughout the program. Refer to the back of your QuickBooks Pro book for more shortcuts. Although the shortcuts below are specific to QuickBooks Pro 2002, some or all of them may work for other versions.

See anything amiss? Know of other helpful shortcuts? Please feel free to submit your comments!

If you use a mouse, a right mouseclick in most windows will open a shortcut menu specific to that particular window, too.

Printing Options

This site is designed for printability -- when you print this page with newer browsers the website navigation and other website-specific elements will be excluded. See Printing Pages at this Site for more information if needed.

There is also a chart-only page.

Ctrl + 1Displays product information about your version of QuickBooks
Ctrl + FSimple Find
Ctrl + FDetailed Find within an open window, such as Invoices, Transactions, Register
Alt + ITransaction History of Invoice (in Invoice window)
Alt + TPrint document in the open window
Alt + F, FOpens drop-down menu of available printable forms to select and print
Alt + HOpen Help, Support Drop-down Menu
Alt + ROpens the Reports Drop-down Menu
Alt + VOpen / Close Window List
Alt + L, IOpen Item List window
Alt + L, TOpen Templates List window
Ctrl + IOpen Invoice window
Ctrl + ROpen Use Register window
Ctrl + WOpen Write Checks window
Ctrl + QQuick Report - Transaction, Invoice in open window
Ctrl + YTransaction Journal for Transaction, Item in open window
Alt + Down ArrowDisplays the list on a form
+Increase date
-Decrease date
TChanges date to today's date
WChanges date to first day of week
KChanges date to last day of week
MChanges date to first day of month
HChanges date to last day of month
YChanges date to first day of year
RChanges date to last day of year
+Increase form number or increase date
-Decrease form number or decrease date
Ctrl + MMemorize transaction, invoice
Ctrl + CCopy one field
Ctrl + PPaste one field
Ctrl + DelDelete line item
Ctrl + InsInsert line item
Ctrl + OCopy transaction in register
Ctrl + VPaste transaction in register
Alt + IEdit transaction in register
Escape (ESC)Cancels transaction or closes window
Ctrl + ZUndo changes made to field
Type first few lettersQuickFill name on a list
Ctrl + EnterRecord Transaction
Navigating a Window
Ctrl + Right ArrowNext word in field
Ctrl + Left ArrowPrevious word in field
Ctrl + PageUpFirst item in list or previous month in register
Ctrl + PageDownLast item in list or next month in register
TabMove to the next field
Shift + TabMove to the previous field
TabMove to beginning of current field
Shift + TabMove to end of current field
Up ArrowMoves to line above in detail area
Down ArrowMoves to line below in detail area
Space BarUse to mark or unmark boxes with check marks
Ctrl + Up ArrowScrolls through individual entries on a list while in a form


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