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Relearning for Daily Life

Part of recovery and life after a brain injury may include relearning skills, using reminders, and developing workarounds for what the brain may not be doing (whether temporary or life-long). Below are a few resources and possibilities.

See also the Managing Daily Life section for helpful tools and ideas.

Cognitive Retraining

See also the Services section below for local rehab assistance services.

  • Brain Book®
    The Brain Book system is a complete, home-based cognitive retraining program for brain injury (TBI and ABI) survivors. This system helps maximize cognitive function by helping to acquire compensatory skills.
  • Brain Train
    Brain Train offers a multitude of computer programs for cognitive retraining and vocational readiness. Packages are reasonably priced and must be paid in advance. They also offer a couple of freeware/shareware games downloadable from their site.
  • Home-Based Cognitive Stimulation Program
    This helpful program “provides activities to use with individuals following their brain injury. These activities are designed to assist the individual in recovery of their thinking skills.” Available online or downloadable provided by the Traumatic Brain Injury Care System, University of Alabama, generously supported by a grant from the NIDDR.
  • Parrot Software
    Available online for monthly Internet subscription and individual programs also available for purchase, Parrot Software provides a large assortment of treatment and rehab software for aphasia, stroke, Alzheimer's, head injuries, and more.
Recommended Books
Mozart's Brain and the Fighter Pilot: Unleashing Your Brain's Potential

The Memory Workbook: Breakthrough Techniques to Exercise Your Brain and Improve Your Memory

See TBI Resources' Books section for more.

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Living with a Brain Injury

Online information devoted to helping your daily life with a brain injury.


Living with ADD/ADHD

It is not unusual to have symptoms of ADD/ADHD and other challenges as the result of a brain injury. Below are articles, tips, and entire sites devoted to this disorder but can also be helpful for understanding learning challenges and brain injuries.

Articles, Tips

Sites Devoted to Living with ADD/ADHD


Memory Help

The Managing Daily Life section has ideas for computer software, PDAs (handhelds), reminder tools, planners and organizers, organizing helps, and more.


Relearning Daily Life Tasks

Bill Paying


Time Management Skills

See also the Managing Daily Life section for software, reminder tools, daily planners, and more to help with time management.




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