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Discussion Lists

Below you'll find discussion lists for brain injury survivors, families, friends, caregivers, and more. There are many more, though. Yahoo! Groups hosts around forty TBI-related lists, for example.

TBI Discussion Lists

  • braininjurysurvivors (Brain Injury Survivors)
    For brain injury survivors and anyone touched by brain injury, including family, friends, professionals, others.
  • SoTBI  (Survivors of Traumatic Brain Injury)
    Just as the title states, many great people belong to this list, sharing stories, ideas, providing tips, and more.
  • SoTBI-Computer  (SoTBI's Computer Helpers List)
    A subgroup of the above SoTBI list. Very helpful with tips for using your computer, PDA and other devices to assist with reminders, programs, and much more.
  • SoTBI-C
    Survivors of TBI -- for caregivers & supporters. This group is for anyone touched by brain injury, such as family, friends, and others.
  • TBI-Survivor
    A discussion list for brain injury survivors to meet others, discuss problems and accomplishments, assist others, and gather information related to brain injuries.
  • TBI Survivors Support Group
    One of the excellent support group discussion lists provided by TBINet for survivors of brain injuries. Online archives are available to members.
  • TBI-Together
    A discussion list for TBI survivors and caregivers to learn from each others' perspectives, to assist each other, and be supportive.
What's a discussion list?
A discussion list is an e-mail mailing list for subscribers. As a subscriber, you'll receive e-mail sent to the discussion list.

When you send an e-mail to the discussion list, it goes to everyone subscribed.

Discussion lists are typically focused on a certain topic, so the discussion lists on this page are focused on topics related to brain injuries, for example.

There are thousands of discussion lists available covering a wide range of topics. They are a great way to meet people with things in common, ask questions, and even make new friends.

For an introduction to discussion lists, see's article on Mailing Lists.

For more information and how to handle e-mail for discussion lists, see Mary Houten-Kemp's helpful article, E-Mail Discussion Groups/ Newsletters.

Listings of TBI-Related Discussion Lists

In addition to those selected above, there are many more discussion lists related to brain injuries, diseases, and head trauma.


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